Holiday Gift Guide- Beauty Edition

We love the holidays, but know they can be extra tough when you’re away from your loved ones. Care packages are a fun way to stay connected and show your love for friends and family far away. We’ve got tons of sticker kits and shipping boxes to help make your care packages extra special this season, and if you need some inspiration of what to send, we’ve got a great gift guide for everyone on your list!

For the person who lights up a room.

The gift of silky skin and hair

Our secret weapon for a strong brow.

Our favorite graphic t-shirt, comes in so many colors!

These clips and these rollers make styling hair soo much easier! 

The famous hair dryer brush for only $30!

I’ve used and loved this facial brush for years!

This lip mask has a cult following. 

You’ll definitely want this serum in your care package! It’s a TikTok phenomenon.

This mask has thousands of five star reviews on Amazon!

People swear by these patches for clear skin!

This skincare product will give you healthy, glowing skin!


Don't forget a sticker kit to finish off your care package! Here are our recommendations:

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christmas care packagechristmas care package

See all of our Christmas and Holiday care package sticker kits here!

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