About us

Not too long ago, we had two daughters who were living abroad.  We sent the girls packages, typically for a special occasion or holiday. Customs wouldn't allow us to wrap any items in the packages, so I began decorating the inside of the box instead. I hoped to make each box a little more personal and make each daughter feel a little bit more loved.  While assembling packages for Christmas one year, I was in a rush and trying to make the box feel festive since this package would be the only gift they would open Christmas Day.  I tried my best, with the resources and time I had, but wasn't happy with my final result.  I thought to myself, "this would be so much easier if I had a sticker already designed I could just slap on the box!" And with that idea, Paper Paisley was born. It has since evolved into a family business with all members of our family participating, creating, and designing - even those two daughters who were living abroad.  We have spent countless hours developing and creating our ideas, searching for the best materials.  It is our hope that with each package sent, we can help send a little bit of love and make your post more personal!