Missionary Care Packages

Are you missing a missionary? Care packages are a special way to show your love and support of a missionary while they’re away from home. We’ve put together a list of care packages that any missionary would be thrilled to get.

The MTC Survival Care Package

For many missionaries, the MTC can be a daunting and difficult experience. Whether your missionary is at home, or away, this is the perfect time to show some support and encouragement! We love these care package ideas for a pick me up for your Elder or Sister in training. 

Missing You Care Package

Box of Sunshine Box

I Believe in You

You’re One Smart Cookie

You Got This!

We like to fill this one up with some fun things to keep their head up. Send them some of their favorite snacks or some fun study tools (like fun highlighters or notebooks) to help keep them going during those long days.

Fresh in the Field

It’s an exciting time to finally arrive in the mission field! Your missionary will be surrounded with all things new. A new place, new apartment, new companion, and sometimes a new language and culture. Now is a great time to send them a piece of home and a reminder that they are loved!

Distance Means Nothing 

Love You to the Moon

Love You More than All the Stars

Miles Apart, Close at Heart

10 Things I Miss About You

You Mean the World to Me

You’re Worth Every Mile


Sick & Tired

Missionaries work hard, long hours! They will undoubtedly feel tired and at some point feel sick. Send them some items of comfort and medications they may need with these sticker kits:

Get Well, Doctor’s Orders

Get Well Soon

Sending You Love

Chin Up Buttercup

Birthday Box:

Birthdays are hard when you’re away from home, and they may not have the time or means to celebrate! Help them out by sending a cake mix, and items that they may need like new socks or warm gloves. If you’re able, include some extra treats for their companion! They can have a little party together. 

See all our Birthday boxes here.


Holidays are important benchmarks in missions. They are fun things to look forward to! Your missionary may be somewhere where they celebrate different holidays, but they’ll still want to celebrate their own traditions no matter where they are!

We have sticker kits for every holiday you need. Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo. 

They don’t necessarily need a package for every holiday, but they are fun excuses to remind them you love them!

Halfway Mark

Reaching a missionary’s halfway mark is a huge accomplishment! They’ll want to celebrate and look back on all they’ve learned and accomplished. This is a fun time to send them a package. They may have worn down some of their clothing items. Do they need new shoes? Are they low on their favorite toiletries? Now’s a great time to check in and send any items they may need.

It’s Halftime!

Halfway There

Home in a Flash


The Just Because Care Package

We really don’t need a reason to send a missionary a care package. Any reminder of home is welcome and appreciated. We’ve got lots of options of packages that you can send just because! It’ll be sure to make their day!

Out of the Blue

Biggest Fan

For the Record

One in a Melon

Orange You Glad

Pink Pattern

Rainbow Pattern

10 Things I Love About You

You’re the Bee's Knees

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