Our Care Package Shipping Tips and Tricks

Care Packages are our love language and we've sent plenty over the years. We've compiled a list of some of our best tips and tricks for shipping care packages to make your next care package a breeze! 


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box sizes for sticker kits

Remove batteries from any electronics.

Be diligent with filling out custom forms. Avoid wrapping gifts inside the box when shipping internationally!

Avoid sending chocolates-any time of the year they can melt! If you need a chocolate fix, stick with M&M’s.

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Use filler for extra cushioning and to prevent jostling fragile items during the shipping process! We like tissue or crinkle paper.

Stick to a theme! It’s easy to fill a box with a theme. Check out our sticker kits for some inspiration. 

Invest in some good tape. There's nothing worse than a crushed box or lost items.

Include a letter, or a voice recording box for a message directly from you!

Baked goods can be shipped in airtight containers, like vacuum sealed bags. Here’s some tips on how to ship cookies!

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