St. Patrick's Day Care Package

We all could use a little luck of the Irish! We’ve compiled a list of ideas of what to send your loved ones for a little bit of luck and some St. Patrick’s Day fun! 

For her:

A lucky necklace

This sweatshirt!

They’re magically delicious and a St. Patrick’s Day must!

Some classic green tea

A green superfood clay mask with awesome reviews

Six pretty green gel nail polishes for a great price! 

Irish creme creamer

For him:

A classic sweatshirt that looks good on everyone! 

A tiny putting green

A green army man bottle opener

Irish spring body wash

Irish cream flavored coffee beans

Corned beef you can ship. 

A fun game for St. Patrick’s Day!


Don't forget to choose a sticker kit to pull the package all together! See our St. Patrick's sticker kits here

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