The Starving Student Care Package

Here’s exactly what you should send your starving college student, a Just Add Water Package! Depending on where your student lives, they may not have access to a full kitchen, they may be too busy to cook, or they may be living off ramen because it’s affordable. Regardless of their circumstances, any college student needs a little taste of home! This is the perfect package to fill up with some easy meals.

Just Add Water

A water bottle. There are so many opinions on which water bottle is the best, but for us, this one reigns supreme. It sells out consistently, so make sure you are quick snatching it up! 

Keep your college student hydrated and healthy with this drink mix!

My husband lived off these in college. Throw in some canned chicken for extra protein!

This pancake breakfast is an easy meal that everyone will love! 

If they’re sick of granola bars for breakfast, these are delicious! We buy them every week, require only water and cook in a microwave in one minute!

There’s something so homey about mashed potatoes, these are great and only need water!

If they have access to a kitchen, send them some cornbread and your favorite canned chili! It’s a quick and easy meal that will be sure to fill them up.

This is the best 3 ingredient pumpkin cookie recipe. You’ll need pumpkin, a spice cake mix, and your favorite chocolate chips. Mix them together, bake them for about 10 minutes and you have a delicious dessert!

Make sure you send a vitamin or supplement, we really love these easy to eat gummies!

A hot water bottle is nice for cold winters, cold campus dorms, and times when they’ll feel sick or stressed! 

This package isn’t only for college students. It would also be an incredible gift to send to a student studying abroad that doesn’t have access to a lot of American dishes, a missionary that needs some quick meals, or your soldier! 

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