The Ultimate Sports Fan Gift Guide

We love the holidays, but know they can be extra tough when you’re away from your loved ones. Care packages are a fun way to stay connected and show your love for friends and family far away. We’ve got tons of sticker kits and shipping boxes to help make your care packages extra special this season, and if you need some inspiration of what to send, we’ve got a great gift guide for everyone on your list!

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This gift is a hole-in-one for sports fans. 

These sweatpants are a closet staple!

My husband’s all time favorite gift. 

This electric ball pump is a must!

This packable jacket will keep them dry at games!

These bleacher cushions are compact enough to ship in a care package!

A toteable outdoor blanket that isn’t tacky!

A simple baseball cap that will look nice outside the stadium as well!

For the super loud fan!

Don't forget a sticker kit to finish off your care package! Here are our recommendations:

christmas care package, christmas tree, diy

Christmas care package, diy

winter care package, diy


See all of our Christmas and Holiday care package sticker kits here!

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